Entry #1

First Post.

2016-01-27 20:40:22 by BlazingBiscuit

I'm really happy that i decided to start using this website again.
I mean i'm not sure what else to say i know this is literally the one place where no one knows I use this form of media, and for that i'm pretty stoked. i mean sure i'm just gonna post whatever i feel like on here because you know? 'The Internet" and whatever...BUT FUCK IT HOPEFULLY I SAY SOME FUNNY SHIT HERE AND THERE YOU ASSHOLES LIKE IT!



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2016-06-16 13:58:45

I for one want to welcome you back to the fold. Newgrounds will never die. Found you from your 'growin old' lyrics. Congrats on such finely crafted poetry.

BlazingBiscuit responds:

Hey well hell yeah man! I've actually been using the site quite a bit, and really it's changed my whole daily routine! i'll check this place out casually as opposed to once every 4 months and shrug because i didn't know the interface.

Just excited to be apart of a community as well knit and connected as NewGrounds