Titty Poem

2016-06-19 20:58:57 by BlazingBiscuit

Damn! DAMN! GOT DAM! Where'd you get them Big titties!? for they swing and they frolic...shit i'm boutta throw fitties!!! for you though i gotta feel bad...only thing you can throw with them shits is yo back. Sad fact of that matter is for you only have big titties...no ass to clap. 
Oh shit sorry you're in the hospital. what's that you say "Breast reduction due to several related injuries related to your off weight distribution." THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!? Preposterous now be your lackluster posture, please doctor fix this girl for she needs to blossom them bussoms!! aww shit i'm might be faulted and slurred...but one thing i know is I DON'T WANT THEM TITTIES SMALL AND BLURRED!





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